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Above & Beyond specializes in keeping rehab and fitness within a continuum.  As a leader in fitness and Pilates training, Above & Beyond is a comprehensive provider of orthopedic and manual physical therapy to general clientele, elite athletes, and performing artists.  Above & Beyond’s services integrate expertise in physical therapy with the proficiency of Pilates-evolved fitness principles creating one-on-one customized programs which make each client’s goals achievable.​


Pilates based fitness will integrate strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, dynamic stability and endurance.  It will coordinate strength of abdominals, pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle and spine to build strength without bulk and increase proficiency of movement thereby improving function. It will increase flexibility, postural awareness, and agility and improve mind-body connection.


More than eight decades ago, Joseph Pilates launched a revolution.  His conditioning program addresses the entire body through enhanced movement awareness and efficiency. These techniques are appropriate for all fitness levels including the novice mover all the way up to the elite athlete or performer.


The Pilates repertoire can be performed on studio equipment such as the Reformer or Cadillac or on a mat using only the body for resistance. Individualized Pilates programs can be used on a daily basis to maintain, complement, and enhance your overall fitness.

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