Rehabilitation incorporates evidence-based methodology with professional medical experience and training to treat complex back and neck conditions, pelvic girdle dysfuncions, neurological disorders, connective tissue disorders, foot-ankle-knee-hip dysfunction, post-operative conditions, postural deficits, shoulder dysfunctions, performing arts injuries, sports injuries, and general sprains and strains.

  • ​Initial Evaluation:                             $120
  • Treatment Sessions:                         $100/Hr

weight management & Nutritional coaching

pilates INspired Personal Training


​​above & Beyond Services

As a complement to any physical therapy, fitness, or wellness program, massage will relieve muscle soreness and tension, increase endorphins, improve circulation, provide relaxation, enhance muscle function and performance, and improve physical and mental well being.  (Prior physical therapy evaluation is required before initiating massage therapy)

  • Single Visit:                 $80/Hr
  • 5 Pack:                        $375 
  • ​10 Pack:                      $750 

Massage therapy

Utilizing extensive experience and medical training to assist in weight loss and nutritional coaching, our evidence-based programs will empower self accountability that will result in healthy lifestyle changes supportive of long-term weight control.

  • Refer to Pilates Inspired Personal Training for Fees

Experience a personal training program that combines traditional methods of strength training with our unique expertise of Pilates, core control, and functional integration.  Individualized programs will build strength without bulk by coordinating the involvement of the abdominals, pelvic girdle, shoulder complex and spine resulting in increased proficiency of movement, flexibility, postural awareness, agility, and mind-body awareness which may lead to increased bone density, improved posture and a sculpted, lean physique.  Past and present clients have included pre-professional and professional dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts, musicians, golfers, pitchers, swimmers, cyclists, runners, and triathletes.

  • Fitness Assessment:                                                           $90
  • Fitness Assessment + 2 Personal Training Sessions          $230
  • Single Visit:                                                                         $75
  • ​5 Pack:                                                                                $350
  • 10 Pack:                                                                              $700